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I went to see Georgina for Gastric Hypnosis; I had been struggling with weight issues for years. I think I have tried every diet and self-help book in relation to food and diet. I was very sceptical initially, but during the consultation Georgina helped me understand what the process would entail, how hypnotherapy works and how in order to make real changes we need to start at the subconscious level. She taught me so much about the brain and why I did what I did and how I could hijack unhelpful behaviours. She gave me two audios to listen to on a regular basis, and the programme was over 5 sessions. I have lost 1 stone 8lbs and I believe this time the weight will stay off, I understand myself more and why I do what I do. Thanks Georgina – 42 year old female

Had Gastric Hypnotherapy, I have lost 18lbs in 6 weeks, Georgina made me feel comfortable, I felt able to open up about my bad relationship with food, she listened and never judged. Georgina has helped me look at myself with new eyes, loving the person I am, and loving the body I am in. My relationship with myself and food had changed. I love the audios and still regularly listen to keep me on track with my weight loss and determination – 46 year old female

I tried hypnotherapy (stop smoking) many years ago and it didn’t work. However, from the moment I met Georgina it was a different experience. She took the time to explain what hypnotherapy was, what to expect and that it would only work if I truly wanted it and also wanted to engage with all aspects of the programme. I also liked that it was a structured reduction plan as opposed to one session. I felt that I needed help to reduce and finally say goodbye to smoking. I have now been a non-smoker for 6 months, I am back at the gym, I have not gained weight, instead I am fitter than I have been for years. I also can afford to book a holiday with all the money I have saved not smoking. I cannot thank you enough – 34 year old male

Went to Georgina to treat my Insomnia but came away realizing there were other issues at play causing my sleep disturbances. Once we addressed those over a few sessions I felt 100% better. Georgina is so easy to talk to, her couch and room is really relaxing and I looked forward to every session. I go to bed every night and listen to your amazing comforting and relaxing audio. I look forward to going to bed knowing I will sleep and wake up ready for the day – 23 year old female

I went to see Georgina because I was struggling to find a job due to my lack of confidence. During the sessions I became more confident, my communication skills improved significantly, and I got a job. Thanks – 19 year old female

I decided to look into having hypnotherapy when I knew my fear of needles and blood would get in the way of me having a baby. The thought of having my bloods taken sent me into panic. I would get hot and sweaty at the thought and would end up feeling anxious for days in the lead up, over thinking and dreading what I was going to have to go through. The hypnotherapy was so interesting Georgie taught me why my brain was functioning this way and she worked with me on changing my mindset. When I fell pregnant the hypnotherapy was put to the test and I managed to stay calm and relaxed in all my appointments and I noticed my fear had gone. I will never like my bloods being taken but I’m no longer scared. I have such positive memories of my pregnancy and birth now thanks to the hypnotherapy. Georgie is so easy to talk and open up to. She is really informative and I’m really grateful for her help – 28 year old female

I went into hypnotherapy feeling anxious and apprehensive about what to expect. I’d never really considered using this method to help with a phobia before and had come to the conclusion that it was “just me” and something I’d have to live with. I was sceptical but thought it would do no harm to give it a go! My phobia was of spiders and I felt so daft to even admit this. Georgina has a natural but professional charisma that immediately made me feel welcome and relaxed. She is passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable, I even learned things about the brain and how it works, that has helped me understand other obstacles in separate areas of my life. She explained everything perfectly without using medical jargon and bombarding me! I’d highly recommend George for phobia hypnosis and I’m over the moon to say, it really did work. I didn’t realise this, until faced with the phobia and tackled it without even thinking about it until afterwards – 30 year old female

I was not convinced that hypnotherapy would help my son, but we had tried CBT and counselling and unfortunately had not seen any real progress. My son was suffering with acute anxiety and depression. After my sons first session he came out and I could see there was a change. After only 5 sessions, my son is engaged with friends and family again, he has a part time job and is coping with all his studies. He has come away with many coping strategies, he understands how the brain works in relation to anxiety and depression and how to change his thoughts which change his mood and behaviour. Thank you for giving us our son back. Cannot recommend Georgina enough – 16 year old male

I came to Georgina suffering with low self-esteem. I had recently come out of a long-term relationship, and I felt I had no purpose, no direction. I was struggling with insomnia; anxiety and I could not make sense of anything. Georgina helped me piece myself together, I found that after each session I became more confident and I engaged in hobbies and interests which I had stopped because I was in a relationship. I have found me again; I have a new love of life and myself. Thanks – 38 year old male

I went to see Georgina because I was suffering with anger issues. I honestly did not think she could help, but I was desperate, and a friend recommended her. I only had 6 sessions with her, I understand about the brain in relation to anger. She helped me learn coping strategies and while in hypnosis she helped me see why I had been feeling the way I had for years. Giving me insight has allowed me to be kinder to myself, it has helped release pain which has been inside me for so long. My family have noticed the difference , and they want to thank you for giving them their old dad back – 37 year old male

After 5 sessions with Georgina, my son is a different man. He suffered from anxiety and had irrational thoughts around eating and sickness. I genuinely recommend her. Thank you so much Georgina – Mother of 16 year old male


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